• Aqara smart switch

    Home automation is increasingly present in our homes, as it is becoming easier to access this type of features with products that are inexpensive and have little structural impact on our home. So little that, thanks to wireless connections, it is not even necessary to make any installation. As in the case of the device we are dealing with today, which offers us a different way of controlling an essential aspect of the home, such as lighting. This is a switch similar to those on the walls of our house, but can be taken to any of this to use it.

    This is the name of this new product from Xiaomi, which in collaboration with Aqara that have launched a new portable switch, which allows us to enjoy it anywhere in the house. This is compatible with ZigBee devices, which is a domotic standard by which devices of different types can be controlled by switches like the one we are knowing today. In this way the wireless connection that allows to control these devices is completely independent of the Wifi connectivity of home. Something that at the same time supposes a plus of security for this infrastructure, that is out of reach of the hackers, a priori.

    This smart switch resembles a traditional wall switch, but does not work in the same way, since it is not a key switch, but is controlled through pulsations. These pulsations can be captured as a single, double or long pulsation. There is another model, of double pulsation, that allows to do up to seven different actions based on the different pulsations that we do on this wireless panel. In this way we can automate many more processes and control more devices in our home.

    The autonomy of these pushbuttons is quite wide, offering up to two years of duration with the battery that carries of factory. In addition they are not expensive pushbuttons, since the version of single key is of 12 euros, and the version of double key is of 13 euros, a price enough adjusted for what they offer. However, as we said before, we must bear in mind that it is only compatible with the ZigBee standard, otherwise it will not serve us at home.

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