• Philips Hue: 3 ways to have a crazy party atmosphere

    Philips Hue bulbs are certainly the most popular connected bulbs in the smart home world. Easy to use, versatile, can be controlled from anywhere, smartphone, tablets, connected watches, web service, home automation box, Google Home, Amazon Alexa, Siri, Homekit… In short, the possibilities are very, very many. Did you know that it is also possible to use these bulbs for a festive atmosphere worthy of nightclubs?

    Set the mood at 31 with your Philips Hue and HueParty light bulbs

    For the occasion, gather the Philips Hue bulbs from home in the living room in preparation for the party and download the Hue Party for Philips Hue application, an application available on both Android and iOS and free of charge! Install this application and start it.

    Image result for hue party mode

    To work, the application uses the microphone of the smartphone or tablet to pick up the music and restore its fluctuations to the Philips Hue bulbs.

    The configuration of the Hue party application is simple and fast. Select the bulbs to order, then select a mode. The beats mode is the one that uses the microphone, then configure the different parameters.

    Use the iLightShow application, another solution to set the mood

    Beats actually allows you to automatically control your bulbs to the sound of music, adjust your settings, place your smartphone in the room so that the microphone picks up the sound of the music and let’s go for a crazy atmosphere! Besides, it can also works with a wide range of smart home devices, including Kasasmart, Abode, Aqara, Fibaro, Sensibo, Koogeek and so on.

    The Android alternative with Hu Maniac

    While both of the above applications are available on both Android and iOS, there is also another very practical application, Hue Maniac. Unfortunately, this one is not available on iOS, only on Android. Since I have installed an Android tablet on the wall to drive the house, I will turn to this option this year.

    Party light works on the same principle as Hue Party, i. e. it picks up the sound on its microphone and animates the bulbs of your choice very efficiently.

    Simple and extremely effective, these applications, combined with Philips Hue bulbs, will ensure the show for the evening! So take advantage of this tip to liven up your New Year’s Eve with the most beautiful effect! And move on to 2019 in a crazy atmosphere with your Philips Hue bulbs!

  • Xiaomi presents a smart trash can

    Xiaomi continues to offer smart home gadgets of all kinds. The latter is particularly interesting also because it is offered at a very low price and because it could easily find a place in all people's homes. This is a smart trash can with proximity sensors. Its operation is really very interesting. When this device begins to detect the arrival of a person at a minimum distance of 35 cm, it unlocks and opens the lid. This way you won't have to bend over to open it every time. The sensors drowned in this smart basket will therefore control the opening and closing of the lid.

    Related image

    Once full, this basket will also compact the waste and hermetically seal it inside a bag. In this way you can empty the contents with ease. Even the replacement of the bag is fully automatic as long as you use its dedicated bags.

    For maximum comfort, this smart basket will also be equipped with an emetic closure. There will be no problems, therefore, for the possible spread of bad smells. An interesting product that also has a very low price of 199 yuan, or about 25 euros.

    Xiaomi's smart basket has been sold through YouPin, the crowdfunding platform that Xiaomi uses to finance its smartest and most curious projects.Xiaomi presents a smart trash can

  • Google Chromecast 3 will not arrive in Germany until 2019

    The German Google Store still lists the outdated 2nd generation Chromecast, but the successor is already in the starting blocks. With the Chromecast 3 Google offers a new streaming dongle for the HDMI connection since yesterday.

    Visually, the new version of the Chromecast cannot be distinguished from its predecessor, which was released in 2015, at first glance, but the streaming receiver now uses new, matt housing colours for the same shape.

    Google Chromecast

    According to Google, the device works around 15 percent faster under the hood than the previous generation. For 4K support, however, the older and more expensive Chromecast Ultra must still be used. The new Chromecast 3 delivers 1080p at 60 frames per second.

    Google markets the Chromecast especially as a supplement to Google Home. On the one hand the playback can be controlled via the Chromecast via Google Home voice command, on the other hand the receiver can soon also be integrated into multi-room setups for audio playback, Google has announced a corresponding software update for this year.

    Chromecast allows direct reception of video and music services such as Netflix, YouTube or Spotify as well as streaming of computers and mobile devices via applications compatible with Chromecast. However, the new version of Chromecast is not yet available in Germany. As it looks, Google will offer the device only from next year on, and then for 39 euros here in Germany.

    New Fire-TV stick to come next month
    Last week Amazon introduced a new version of its Fire TV Stick 4k. It will be available in November and costs 20 Euro more, but also offers the possibility of 4K reception and a included hardware remote control.

  • A plug natively compatible with Google Home

    Since then, you must have known which sockets/plugs are connected to GSM, Z-Wave or Chacon. But today we will talk about a WIFI plug compatible natively with a Google Home! No more need for a home automation box or to use an application that is not very intuitive, control it with your voice!



    This Wifi plug is sold in a classic cardboard box. It is available in different Types (E, F...). And it promises to be compatible with Amazon Alexa and also Google home without the need for external equipment! The grip is quite classic: Relatively thick and it has an indicator light that indicates its status. Its design is classic, which allows it to fit into any home



    The start-up of our plug is very simple. Simply download the "eFamilyCloud" application from your device's store (iOS or Android) and Login/Register if you do not have an account yet. For this purpose, a telephone number or email address will be required, aAs well as a password, that goes without saying.

    Once you have registered or logged in, you will be taken to the application's home page, where you will be asked to add a device by clicking on "Add Devices". You will then have the choice between 3 Types of equipment:

    Plugs and sockets

    LED strips


    In our case, we will click on "Socket".

    Once this is done, it will ask you to check that the LED indicator flashes quickly. If this is the case, click on confirm or you will have to reset your socket.

    Then associate it with your Wifi network on which Google Home is present. If you use another network, they will not be able to communicate with each other. The association will not be too long and you should see your plug turn on and off a few times during this process.

    Once the device is associated, you can rename it to make it more easily identifiable in the application but also later with google home.

    If you wish, it will also be possible to control your device from the application with different modes:

    Switch: To turn the plug on or off directly

    Countdown: To turn the power on or off using a countdown timer

    Timer: Similar to Countdown but possibility to save the settings for daily use (Coffee maker that lights up every morning at 8am and then turns off at 8:10am)

    Even if the interest is to be able to control this recording with voice, it is pleasant to be able to do so with a simple and effective application. The configuration of your plug is finished, we will be able to associate it with our Google Home!

    Association with Google Home

    To associate your plug with your Google Home, it's very simple. Simply go to the "Home Control" tab and click on the "+" to add a device. Then look for the "SmartLife" service.

    Enter the account information you have just created into the "eFamilyCloud" application and accept the authorizations. Choose a room for your catch, and it's over!

    You have just configured your plug completely so that it can be controlled by a Google Home! Let's see what we can do now! 😉


    The commands to control the google plug are:

    Turn on:

    "Okay Google, Turn on YOUR DEVICE"

    Turn off:

    "Okay Google, Turn off your device."

    Unfortunately, it will not be possible for the moment to define a timer using the Ok Google command. You will need to create your scenario within the application.


    This plug is just great. It is very simple to set up, configuration is easy and the management application is not a gas plant with features that you no longer know what to do with.

    No need for a home automation box or equipment to communicate different protocols. This socket is Wifi is voice controllable with a Google Home in all simplicity.

    It will of course be possible to add it to a more complete home automation system, but it will not be necessary to go through another interface in order to control it (which can increase the latency of the devices).

  • Aqara smart switch

    Home automation is increasingly present in our homes, as it is becoming easier to access this type of features with products that are inexpensive and have little structural impact on our home. So little that, thanks to wireless connections, it is not even necessary to make any installation. As in the case of the device we are dealing with today, which offers us a different way of controlling an essential aspect of the home, such as lighting. This is a switch similar to those on the walls of our house, but can be taken to any of this to use it.

    This is the name of this new product from Xiaomi, which in collaboration with Aqara that have launched a new portable switch, which allows us to enjoy it anywhere in the house. This is compatible with ZigBee devices, which is a domotic standard by which devices of different types can be controlled by switches like the one we are knowing today. In this way the wireless connection that allows to control these devices is completely independent of the Wifi connectivity of home. Something that at the same time supposes a plus of security for this infrastructure, that is out of reach of the hackers, a priori.

    This smart switch resembles a traditional wall switch, but does not work in the same way, since it is not a key switch, but is controlled through pulsations. These pulsations can be captured as a single, double or long pulsation. There is another model, of double pulsation, that allows to do up to seven different actions based on the different pulsations that we do on this wireless panel. In this way we can automate many more processes and control more devices in our home.

    The autonomy of these pushbuttons is quite wide, offering up to two years of duration with the battery that carries of factory. In addition they are not expensive pushbuttons, since the version of single key is of 12 euros, and the version of double key is of 13 euros, a price enough adjusted for what they offer. However, as we said before, we must bear in mind that it is only compatible with the ZigBee standard, otherwise it will not serve us at home.

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